TCAC 2018 AGM & Election Day

Deer Fellow Members,

As you are all aware that the current Constitution requires us to have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election every year.

The Executive Team would like to invite you to this important day and give you another opportunity to exercise your rights as members of this association.

The meeting will be conducted on Saturday October 20th, from 3 pm to 7 pm in the Community Room inside the South Center Mall located at 100 Anderson Rd SE, T2J 3V1.

I have just been informed that the Community Room location has changed.
The new room is located on the lower level right across Sport Chek in the professional wing. When you arrive from that side of the Mall you will see a hallway with doctors offices and the room will be the last door on the right.

The meeting agenda is as shown below and actions are for the existing leaders.
Introduction and Approval of the Agenda – President
2018 Successes and Lesson Learned – President
Constitution’s Amendment Feedback and Vote – Secretary
Annual Financial Report – Treasurer
Election – Election Committee Lead / All Members
Brief Speech – Newly Elected Leaders
Leadership Transition Logistics & Association’s Physical Address – President
End of Year Party – Coordinator / Vice President
As for the Election, all the positions in the Executive and Directorate branches are up for grab. The members are asked to review the Roles and Responsibilities of all the positions attached and nominate their friends, family members or themselves by writing to the Secretary General (the name and position) by Saturday October 13, 2018.

Please let me know if you have any question,
Juma M. Omary
(TCAC Secretary General)



FOURTH Edition of the One-on-One with Tanzanian Professionals series (CATP)

In this edition of our One-on-One series with Tanzanian professionals we had a great opportunity to talk to Mr. Juma Omary Mzungu, a Senior Mining Engineer with a major Oil & Gas Company in Calgary Canada.

Interviewed by the CATP Secretary Genera, Ms Gloaria Irene Kinabo, Eng. Juma walks us through his career journey which started with a regular education pursuit in Tanga Tanzania, followed by further studies in Europe.

Mr. Omary has worked as a Senior Mine Engineer in Tanzania, the UK and now in Canada, accumulating a wealth of experience anyone with success dreams in engineering would like to acquire.


Dear CATP Members;

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend which this time is accompanied by great weather.

Please join us in our Third Edition of the One-on-One with Tanzanian Professionals series. In this edition we have Mrs. Rachel Muganda-Marenga, an Assistant Financial Advisor with a major bank here in Canada. Rachel talks about a career life which saw her leaving Tanzania to seek higher education in three different continents (Australia, North America and Europe) before heading back home for a while and then migrating to Canada where she currently resides with her family.

We hope you enjoy the conversation and learn from the experience Rachel shares with all of us

Shukrani kutoka kwa Balozi Jack Zoka

Ndugu, wana-Diaspora,

Tafadhali pokeeni salamu za shukrani kutoka kwa Mhe. Balozi.  Tafadhali fikisheni shukrani hizi kwa Wana-diapoora wengine.

Asanteni sana. 

Aziza Bukuku

Alberta Health Services

Hi everyone,

Alberta Health Services is collaborating with the University of Calgary, University of Alberta and the Ribbon Rouge Foundation to develop a Listening Campaign. To launch this campaign, we are hosting an afternoon event on February 17th from 11:30-4 pm as an initial step in a Listening Campaign with the African, Caribbean and Black community to explore how social determinants of health and HIV stigma impact health outcomes for community members.We would greatly appreciate your participation at this event! Please see attached the invitation letter.

Please indicate your availability to attend this event by responding to this email by Friday, February 9th.

Many thanks,

Cari Egan BN, MSc, PhD

STBBI Operational Strategy and Action Plan Coordinator

Provincial Strategic Development and Innovation Lead

Communicable Disease Control

(403) 955-6278

Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre

1213 4th St SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 0X7





Posted: 2018 – 02 – 09

Location: Central Public Library in Calgary