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It’s time for a change, be part of the change. President: Message 2018

A big welcome to the Tanzanian Community Association of Calgary (TCAC) website. We sincerely hope that as a member or a visitor that you find it informative and as a tool to connect with fellow community members.  

Leadership Team: On behalf of the newly elected leadership team I would like to thank you for trusting us to keep the vision and the momentum of TCAC going strong. It is our promise to keep working hard on the goals and objectives set up by the past leadership.

TCAC Members:  I would like to share with you how proud I am of your dedication towards making this association grow. During the past two years we have been able to connect so many community members through events and were able to gather feedback from members on the direction of TCAC.

This new leadership structure is a reflection of the feedback we heard from members. For the next few years, this leadership will focus on diversity, Youth and Community engagement and entertainment. Thank you for those members who stepped up  to take on these roles, it is through you that we will be able to achieve our objectives.


Friends of TCAC: Our mission to build community and empower  members is still the priority, the association still requests you as members to be the Ambassadors  by spreading word to other members, by volunteering and collaborating. It is through these strategies that we will be able  to not only promote but preserve our rich and diverse culture.

Umoja ni nguvu, let us keep uniting for the sake of our community. Thanks again for visiting our website, feel free to contact us for further information.

Raymond Njiku


Board Meeting: 2019 Roadmap

Dear Fellow members,
Please find the attached Q2 Board Meeting Minutes and bring yourselves up to speed with what was discussed.
Please also note the following community engagement events’ schedule in your calendars.
  1. Family Potluck – Sat June 29 – Coordinator: Ray
  2. Youth Trip to the Zoo – August  – Coordinator: Catherine
  3. Family BBQ – Sat August 31 – Coordinator: Kachua
  4. End of Year Party – Sat November 23 – Coordinator: Doreen.
Details of each event will be communicated to you accordingly.
Thanks for your attendance and contribution to the meeting.
Juma Omary
(TCAC General Secretary)

End of the Year Party

November 23 2019

Hello Dear Members,
On behalf of the leaders and the planning committee I would like to formally announce and invite you to the End of Year Party that will be taking place on November 23,2019.
This years event will be bigger and better With performances from our very own TCAC Youth and many more exciting entertainment.
We will also have dignitaries joining our event, details regarding this will be communicated by the leadership closer to the date.
Tickets are also officially on sale. To make the process easier this year , most of our leaders will have tickets for sale. Please do not hesitate to contact them or the contacts on the poster.
I look forward to seeing you all there this year as we celebrate our community and each other.
For more information contact:
1. Guni at  780-707-6310
2. Ray at   403-837-2715
Thank you,
Raymond Njiku

Youth: Zoo Calgary Summer 2019

Take a moment and visit our Gallery page for more pictures




NEWSLETTER : 2019 Q3 Released

Hi All,
Please find the attached 2019 Q3 Newsletter which summarizes community activities that TCAC members were engaged in July, August and September.
Thanks to all who shared their stories to inspire others and please keep on engaging and making a difference in the city and the province we live in.
Juma Omary
(TCAC General Secretary)

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Facts about TCAC Association

The short video prepared to give you few among many things the association provide.

CATP - Edition 4th with Juma Mzungu Omary

In this edition of our One-on-One series with Tanzanian professionals, we had a great opportunity to talk to Mr. Juma Omary Mzungu, a Senior Mining Engineer with a major Oil & Gas Company in Calgary Canada.

Interviewed by the CATP Secretary Genera, Ms. Gloaria Irene Kinabo, Eng. Juma walks us through his career journey which started with a regular education pursuit in Tanga Tanzania, followed by further studies in Europe.

Mr. Omary has worked as a Senior Mine Engineer in Tanzania, the UK and now in Canada, accumulating a wealth of experience anyone with success dreams in engineering would like to acquire. Enjoy!

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