Donation and Charity

TCAC Covid-19 Urgent Charity needs

Tanzanian Community Association of Calgary (TCAC) is a non-profit organization which relies on its member’s contributions, social fundraising events and willing donors like you to operate.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, majority of its members have been heavily impacted  financially and all fundraising events have been put on hold so as to honor physical distancing guidelines necessary to flatten the curve of this novel pandemic. Therefore, very little is expected to be raised from those two means of income in this year. However, donors like you can still keep TCAC striving during this difficult time. Funds donated will be used to cover the association’s operating costs and programs within the key targeted population of Children, Youth and Women.

Operating Costs

Operating expenses includes, but not limited to, mailbox annual fees, website domain & security charges, Bank charges and other miscellaneous expenses ( stationary, mailing, etc).

Children and Youth Programs

Children and Youth Programs are meant to elevate, inspire and motivate young people to reach their full potential through youth empowerment and involvement. Engagement helps in building youth self-steam, networking, learning and understanding their cultural background. Programs planned to achieve these goals are:-

  •  Youth Trips; a trip to Drumheller Dinosaur Museum planned after the stay-at-home orders are released.
  • TCAC Youth Dance group; It’s an 8-hours per month program from May- July. The program enables youth to learn and engage in different dance choreographic such as Afro-jazz to help improve their physical, emotional and social well being. Due to the Pandemic, we are hoping to continue with the program virtually on the same schedule as previously planned.
  • Swahili Classes, which could be virtual or online but move to class environment after the pandemic is over.
  • Virtual Home Schooling Assistance is a new initiative that might help families who are struggling with home schooling by providing them with a paid tutor.

Women Programs

Women Programs, which are relatively new in this association, are intended to empower, support and help women and their families, create a space where women can meet, network and share information to help raise their social, cultural and economic well being. New women initiatives that still need your support are:-

  •  TCAC Women Mental health day is a social event where TCAC women/girls meet every Thursday (end of the month) to discuss different challenges faced within their families and surroundings and develop strategies along with measurable goals to overcome them. Due to the pandemic, we are hoping to continue with the sessions virtually to accommodate the needs and being able to help women/mothers to cope in all aspects of life during these difficult times.
  • Kwa Pamoja Tunaweza Fundraising event is a social and educational event which was proposed to happen on July 1. TCAC women and their families to celebrate Canada day by engaging other communities members, organizations and Canadian women leaders to celebrate Both Canadian and Tanzania culture through dance, music, food, educational panel session etc. Due to the pandemic, this event will be postponed until further notice. Therefore, there will be no fund raised this year to support any future women related initiatives.

Donation Payment Method:

  1. CASH paid to the Treasurer (Guni Bendera), who will then provide you with a receipt.
  2. CHEQUE paid to the TANZANIAN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION OF CALGARY (TCAC). Description write “Donation”, If you use this method, you may need to inform the Treasurer either by call or text (1-780-707-6310) or email ( immediately so that he can send you a receipt.
  3. E-TRANSFER also is another possibility, you can send your contributions using email address ““. On description write “Donation”, The Treasurer will email you the receipt.