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Only Foods is a Nutrition Consulting company founded by Dr. Alice Gibron Temu to educate health-conscious individuals about the link between their choice of food and their health and how essential food is a part of medical treatment. Ultimately, empower individuals to make healthy food choices and improve their health and overall well-being. At Only Foods, we empower individuals to make crucial decisions of changing their lifestyles to help fight, prevent, treat, and manage illnesses. 

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Zenah Catering

Zenah Cataring is a local business specialized in serving Tanzanian Cuisine in Calgary, Alberta. We cook and deliver traditional food to the big events, small gatherings and family takeout. For Mandazi, Vitumbua, Chapati, Sambusa, Pilau, Biriani and even Ugali dont worry, Zenah Catering is here for you.

For other kind of food from East Africa which are not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact for more information via phone 403-909-7901 or email

Our locaiton is 119 Sea Green Way , Chestemere, AB.

Certified General Account

A certified general accountant proving services ranging from corporate finance to personal and family tax fillings.

Mamazuri Style

Hi there! 
Thanks for visiting Mama Zuri Style Shop . Mama Zuri Style has a passion in collecting African items from African print fabric to African art. We call our self one stop shop. 
We have unique items from different parts of Africa. We ship our African products from Tanzania, Kenya , Uganda and Ghana to the rest of the world. 
Our top selling products are : African baskets decor, Zulu traditional necklaces , Rwandese baskets , African art painting / Tinga Tinga art.

Fleeing East Africa for the West

Dear Fellow Members

On behalf of the Leadership Team, I am pleased to inform you that the award-winning journalist, Mansoor Ladha, a Tanzanian author of the bookMemoirs of a Muhindi: Fleeing East Africa for the West, has agreed to donate 20% ($5) of the proceeds from every copy purchased by the TCAC members or their associates to the TCAC Youth Fund. The price of the book is $25.

TCAC has agreed to promote the book by displaying it in its events, website and social media.

Memoirs of a Muhindi is a story of a descendant of immigrants, brown in colour, living in a black society (Tanzania), who later became a brown immigrant living in a white society (Canada). The book sheds light on the experiences felt by immigrants, the challenges of cross-cultural differences, the hurt of discrimination, and other hardships of displacement. Many of us have gone through this and our stories have similar journeys.  

The book, which has been endorsed by Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, has been favorably received by the media and literary journals.

Few copies, signed by the author, will be available in our June 30th. Potluck event and Mr. Ladha has agreed to join us in the event to meet and engage with his fellow country men and women.

The book can also be ordered by: –

1. Writing to Phoning the Author at 1-403-226-2214 or

3. Writing to the Author at mlpublish@shaw.

Please remember that NO proceeds will be donated if you purchase the book either online or from the bookstores.